Wei Firmware v1.25

Installation instructions:

  1. Install the software Mionix HUB if you have it installed make sure you have the latest version
  2. Run the Mionix HUB software and go to the info tab
  3. Click the update button
  4. Chose the firmware file (.mnx) you downloaded
  5. Wait for install to complete
  6. Now your Wei has the latest firmware installed


Wei Features

N-key rollover, Enable or disable N-key rollover for the switches

Create 5 profiles, switch through them with the FN key

LED effects

5 Presets

  • Custom, Set your preferred color for each key
  • Breathing, Light comes and goes on the board
  • Footsteps, recently pressed button lights up and fades away
  • Explosion, when you press a button the adjacent light up as well
  • Rainbow, Colors roll over the board

Adjust the brightness

2 Modes

  • Solid, Solid lightning on the selected keys
  • Gradient, Gradient lightning across the board

FN +

  • FN + LED intensity = Print Screen
  • FN + LED effect = Scroll Lock
  • FN + Game = Pause/Break
  • FN + F1 – F5 = Profile select
  • FN + Volume down = Mute
  • FN + Next = Previous track


  • Remap all individual keys to behave as another key
  • Map individual key to media function
  • Disable any key
  • Create macro/key-sequence to a single key



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