Naos 3200 Software v1.07


Installation instructions:

  1. Download the Naos 3200 software zip
  2. extract the zip file 
  3. Run the Naos 3200 installer
  4. Latest version of the Naos software is now installed

If you have any questions, contact the support.


  •  Plug n Play
    Mionix Naos 3200 is completely plug n play. The driver software is only needed when you want to change the settings of the mouse, all settings can be stored on the built-in memory.
  • How do you prefer to play?
    The 7 buttons on the mouse are all programmable. Assign a single key stroke, mouse command or macro directly to one of the buttons with the driver software.You will also find pre-configured commands such as scroll up and down and in-game dpi switch in the button assignment menu.
  • In-game dpi switch
    I guess it's no news that different game situations requires different sensitivity. Assign different colors to the dpi steps and when you switch between the steps in-game the different colors works as a indicator.
  • Macro commands
    Set up advanced commands with the macro manager and carry them with you stored on the built-in memory.


The software can sometimes not apply settings because it's waiting for another process. You can fix this by going to details in task manager, analyze the queue for the NAOS software and then terminate the process that it is waiting for after applying settings.

"Open task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) Right-click NAOSCfg Application and press 'Go to information' In the information tab right-click it again and press 'Analyze process' If it says something among the lines of 'this process is waiting for "X" process' then try closing "X" process manually and apply the settings in the NAOS software."


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