Mac OS - Naos 8200 Software v0.46




• Plug n Play
Mionix Naos 8200 is completely plug n play. The driver software is only needed when you want to change the settings of the mouse, all settings can be saved into one of the profiles.

• Avoid tracking loss
Enough said about ergonomics and high-end components. The most important of it all for a fps player is the quality of the tracking. You can't afford tracking loss especially when you play fps games. Thats why we invented a special tool called S.Q.A.T (Surface Quality Analyzer Tool) that uses the laser sensor to measure the tracking quality of your mousepad. This handy little feature is implemented in the driver software for easier access.

• Extended color customization options
The 6 integrated LEDs supports extensive color options and can be configured from the driver software. Choose among one of the 20 preset colors or chose from 16.8 million colors using the custom RGB option. The LED lights can also be turned off or set to other options, such as blinking, breathing or color shift. It is also possible to light up the LEDs one by one and set a separate color to each LED.

• How do you prefer to play?
The 7 buttons on the mouse are all programmable. Assign a single key stroke, mouse command or macro directly to one of the buttons with the driver software.You will also find pre-configured commands such as in-game profile switch, scroll up and down and in-game dpi switch in the button assignment menu.

• built-in memory with profile management
Who doesn't hate to be caught up with some driver installations when you go on lan? well the solution for that is a built-in memory with profile support, certain games requires different mouse setups, thats no secret. All settings can be saved into one of the profiles that you store on the mouse memory. The mouse supports 5 profiles but if you need more just save them to your harddrive or USB memory as the mouse supports export and import of profiles.

• Dpi sensitivity and adjustable lift-distance
I guess it's no news that different games requires different sensitivity. The 3 dpi-steps are configureable between 0 and 8200 dpi with individual X/Y axis, tweak it after your likings. Another issue is that regular gaming mice tracks while you lift it, to avoid this we made the lift-distance adjustable.

• Macro commands
Set up advanced commands with the macro manager and carry them with you into one of the mouse profiles. The macro manager records both mouseclicks, key hold and accurate time delays and is very easy to manage.

• Upgradable firmware and software
The latest firmware and software is available in the's support see any questions contact our support or download the driver manual.


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