How can I track my order?


Best practices
- Do not use an alternate or temporary email when creating an order
- Check your spam folder for any delivery notifications

You can track the progress your order if you:
     - Add your email to our website at order info
     - Provide a contact number at order info
Depending on which courier is delivering your item, you may receive either/both email and contact.

The Tracking is dependent on which country the item is being delivered to.

Use the table below to find out how to track your product.

Tracking Table*

Tracking Example Service Country/Region Link
TYPQ01234567891012 Whistl EU Track
0123456789 DHL US Track
012345678910 Germany Track
AA123456789GB Royal Mail UK Track
JJD0000000000000000 Yodel Track
0A123456789101 La Poste  France  Track

*The links will open in a new tab.

If you have any further questions regarding your tracking, please contact our support

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