How can I contact you about an issue?


You can submit a ticket to our support using the link below.
To get the fastest response possible, fill in all the details and submit only 1 ticket.
Submitting further tickets pushes your number to the back of the queue and may delay our response time.


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    What if I don't get a response for 2 weeks?

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    I have not got any response for over a month

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    Darren Vanstaen

    I haven't received any response when the topic went from "How do I fix this" to "Lets check your receipt".
    Waiting months for a response. Their first message (which was helpful suggesting how to fix it myself) only took a day to reply.

    Now I'm stuck waiting for their response for over a month and a half now.

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    i have got in tuch whit your support over at facebook messenger and when the keyboard is back in stock the Scandinavian version but i have not heard about it