Mionix Hub Software v1.6 (Windows + MAC)


N-key rollover, Enable or disable N-key rollover for the switches

Create 5 profiles, switch through them with the FN key

LED effects

5 Presets

  • Custom, Set your preferred color for each key
  • Breathing, Light comes and goes on the board
  • Footsteps, recently pressed button lights up and fades away
  • Explosion, when you press a button the adjacent light up as well
  • Rainbow, Colors roll over the board

Adjust the brightness

2 Modes

  • Solid, Solid lightning on the selected keys
  • Gradient, Gradient lightning across the board

FN +

  • FN + LED intensity = Print Screen
  • FN + LED effect = Scroll Lock
  • FN + Game = Pause/Break
  • FN + F1 – F5 = Profile select
  • FN + Volume down = Mute
  • FN + Next = Previous track


  • Remap all individual keys to behave as another key
  • Map individual key to media function
  • Disable any key
  • Create macro/key-sequence to a single key


  • General Bug Fixes


  • Castor - fixed driver issue not being recognised on Win 7 64
  • Naos 7000 -  fixed not allowing custom settings (MAC)

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

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