My computer doesn't find the mouse

If your computer doesn't find the mouse


*in/reinstall the firmware for your mouse

After you have done that

*In/reinstall Mionix Hub

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    Sorry to dislike this but it was not helpful. My computer wouldnt find the mouse, and neither would the Mionix Hub so I can not do anything about it.

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    Miles Agar

    If I can't find the mouse how do I reinstall the firmware? I've reinstalled the application to no avail

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    I have intermittent connectivity issues with Windows 7 and my NAOS 8200. I contacted support about 6 months ago to find a solution. At the time they claimed that:

    "We are working on an updated hub with the updated mouse that is releasing soon!"

    Supposedly this is the actual solution to this problem, not the standard "have you try turning it off and on again" advice.