Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is intended to show what information we take, how we use it, and processes for safe keeping.

What information does Mionix process?

In order to successfully complete your order and get you your products, we need the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Billing and shipping address
  • Email address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Bank Details*

*We do not see your card information but only a hash token provided to us via Shopify Payments/Paypal to validate the transaction. You will have to refer to the payment method’s website to view their GDPR compliance policy.
Shopify Payments:

How does Mionix process my information to complete an order?

Mionix will receive your information via our e-commerce storefront Shopify. Your billing and shipping details are kept via Shopify and your payment information is processed via our accepted payment methods: Shopify Payments and Paypal. Once we accept payment, we send your details to our logistics side. This includes our warehouse, international, and the national carrier. Your information has to pass through these hands in order to successfully complete the contract of sale.


Does Mionix sell or share my information to anyone outside of the order fulfillment process?

Mionix takes your privacy seriously. We will under no circumstance sell your information to another party. Your information is only processed by those within our chain to get you your items.


How do I request my information is removed?

To remove the information we have about you, please create a ticket on our support portal and let us know what information you would like to remove.


How do I request I see my information?

To view the information we have about you, please create a ticket on our support portal and we will follow our internal protocol.


How long does it take for you to give me my information?

This process can take up to 30 days from the point of the initial request.


Are there any instances whereby Mionix or any of its collaborators do not delete my information?

There are a few instances in which we will not delete your information, for example when it is due to a legal obligation to keep our sale transaction for tax purposes for up to 7 years. Where we have a legitimate interest in keeping your information, such as sending a newsletter to keep you informed.

We will not remove information that will conflict with our capacity to serve you in the future, ie order inquiry receipt information and warranty services.


Are there any instances whereby Mionix or any of its collaborators do not extract my information?

If we are at any point to believe that your account that sends the extraction request is or has been compromised, or that we believe you are not the individual, then we will not provide you with the extracted information requested.


What if there is a data breach?

If we notice or are made aware of a data breach, we will immediately report this (up to 72 hours) to the relevant committee and to all affected users.


For further information about our Privacy Policy, please email our support

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