How do I create a Macro for my mouse?


This depends on what software you are running. For the Mionix HUB software:

  1. Go to the buttons tab
  2. Chose the button you wish to assign the Macro
  3. Chose either Key command or Key sequence and record the macro you wish to use. 

For the other software follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the macro settings tab in our software and create a new macro by clicking “new macro”
  2. Chose the new macro and start recording an event, click “start record” to insert the commands you want in your event. If you want mouse buttons in the event right-click in the event box and chose “insert mouse event”.
  3. When you are finished with the event click “stop record” and go to the mouse settings tab.
  4. You will have to bind the macro to the mouse button you want to use. Expand the button you want to bind your macro to, choose “assign record macro” and chose your saved macro from the list.


* You can only bind system keys like Ctrl+C to a macro in the MIONIX HUB software


If you have any questions, contact the support. 

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