Revert Castor software / Firmware

If you have the latest software and firmware Mionix HUB but wish to revert it back to Software V1.44 and firmware 3.93 follow these steps: 

uninstall the HUB and check the task-manager so that this software is not running: "mnx.exe Mionix Hub Service "

When installing the older software run the bootloader on it: 

  1. Hold down the right mouse button, left mouse button and the scrollwheel button at the same time and connect your Castor to the USB
  2. The Logo LED and the Scroll wheel LED of the mouse should now be blinking.
  3. Run the firmware update software 3.93. - found here -> DOWNLOAD
  4. Now you can run the 1.44 software with your Castor

*note that units that comes pre-installed with Mionix HUB can not revert to the old software

If you have any question submit a ticket to the support

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